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Politica geral

HIT is a platform that exclusively offers digital products and services digitally, remotely and/or face-to-face, having in rare moments the possibility of selling physical products through this platform.

To obtain assistance related to any need to contact our support both for the application and for matters related to our website store, contact us at or through the form available on the contact page.

To clarify the rules for purchasing, returning and refunding products, the customer details are as follows:

Return and Refund Policy

Reembolso e Dev

- If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product for a full or partial refund .

- You may request a return/refund within 10 days from the date you received or purchased the therapy or product/service in question through the website.

- Any returned product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging. Please keep the purchase receipt.

- For purchases of physical products, shipping for return and exchange is free, however, only one exchange per purchase is allowed.

- Digital products can also be refunded, upon contact and prior justification from the customer.

- Digital products acquired through HIT platforms that are resold and/or distributed without authorization, upon proof of the facts, will result in legal proceedings.

Política de Entrega

- The period for effecting the refund may vary according to the payment method used by the buyer.

Delivery Policies

- Digital products will be delivered to customers immediately after purchase confirmation and payment via digital email address.

- Deadlines for delivery of services must be agreed through the HIT contact emails

- Most physical products must be sent no later than 7 days after payment confirmation. Deliveries must follow the rules and forecasts by location in the national territory, being the full responsibility of the freight contractor.

- Holidays and weekends will not be loaded and dispatched of physical products, as it is not the main source of sales on our platform, giving preference to sales of digital products.

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