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If you are a person who always seeks to be in good shape with your physical and mental health , HIT is the perfect place to complement your day-to-day. In the app you can find very interesting content about Therapies and holistic issues related to our internal and external universe - all written by experts and even by therapists who want to share knowledge.

The rampant expansion of Holistic Therapists, especially in the midst of the Pandemic, has made social networks the main search engine for therapies and specialists. But, how can you trust the experience and training of these professionals just for superficial posts?

HIT came to solve this!


Want to be part of this transformation and connect with potential customers?
Download the app and transform humanity together with HIT!

What HIT offers you:

Exclusive content about the holistic universe - all produced by experts and HIT Therapists

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View Therapists - find them, view their backgrounds, ratings, profile and more.


Therapist Search Map - find therapists wherever you are - or wherever you travel


Chat with Therapists - feel the connection and freely negotiate a consultation


Therapist Assessment - after consultation, rate the Therapist - this will help other Practitioners

And that's just the beginning!
Soon we will have masterclass courses, events, discounts at partner stores and much more!

Done for you!


Cadastre-se como Terapeuta HIT e desfrute de todos benefícios que o app te oferece. Você é nosso cliente VIP!


Leve a saúde mental para seus colaboradores e ofereça um dia-a-dia mais produtivo!


Explore conteúdos, conheça novas terapias e marque consultas com Terapeutas certificados!

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